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MIG welding
course welding, MIG, TIG, car restoration, Trimming, turning
Course: MIG Welding
Time Frame: 4hrs 
Course Instructor is a Certified Welder
In this course you will learn how to use a MIG welder safely and leave with the confidence that you can produce welds of a quality suitable for most tasks.
Course: TIG Welding
Time Frame: 5Hrs
Course Instructor is an experienced sheet metal worker
In 5 hours you will be shown how to weld stainless steel, steel and aluminium. The weld quality will depend on your ability to manipulate the welder and wire. We expect you to leave with the skills you need to complete your project. Extra tuition will be available if you choose to return to any other session we offer.
TIG course/ training
course welding, MIG, TIG, car restoration, Trimming, turning, training,adult
outboard servicing and repairs
course welding, MIG, TIG, car restoration, Trimming, turning, training, adult, outboard repairs
Boat motor service
Time Frame: 5hrs 
Want to learn to service your motor  come along and learn from a marine mechanic. He will show you how to service your motor and give you some fault finding hints if you get into trouble.
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