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Course: Building a web page
Time Frame: 8hrs â€‹
​We have partnered up with Super Geek in developing and running this course. They are happy to organise your Domain name 2 years $45 and hosting of your site 1 year $220. If you already have either that is fine however we will need access to the hosting site during course. Our training will be based on Wordpress and all instructions will delivered using this format. You will be given help to build and publish you own web page and will also be able to make modifications yourself anytime. You will leave the course with a working web page and the tools to modify anytime. You will also be shown techniques to extend the reach of you webpage thus allowing more views. When signing up for the course please send an email to info@springfieldtechcentre.com.au as we will need to verify some things. If you require A Domain name and hosting, Super Geek will do everything for you having it ready on the day.
Course: Intro To Ecommerce
Time Frame: 8hrs

Prerequisite: Intro To Web Design or Experience in IT/Web Design

In this course we look into the more advanced features of HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. In addition we look at what makes a good website design and take a deeper look into human-computer interaction.


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